“And at that moment, I swear, we were infinite.’ -Perks of Being a Wallflower

I’m weird, a little unique. I’m a mess, consisting of weird music types, hippie-like style of clothes, and a collection vintage cameras.


21 thoughts on “About

      • I was an assistant location manager – so my job was to find the locations and then set up the logistics (parking, permits, ect.) Hope you liked the movie! Emma was really sweet and Logan and Ezra were nice guys to work with.

      • No, I sorta lucked out. ABC filmed a movie of a week near my hometown, and they were looking to hire locals to help out and that’s how I got started. Got bit with the bug and have been doing it ever since for about 10 years (no old jokes!) I’d say only about half or less of crew went to school for it. It just depends on what department you work in. Some are more skilled positions and take training (ie: camera, directing.)

      • Don’t you dare! Okay, I am sorta old. It’s cool, I’m young at heart and have an awesome half beard (see my about this shizz section.) But yeah, I enjoy it most days. We work long hours – minimum 12 hours and sometimes up to like 18 or 20 hours a day. But you work hard, play hard. The crew is overall really cool, you get to travel. And then usually I have off for several months at a time (on average, about 5 or 6 months off a year. ) So there are a lot of …. Perks! See, we just went full circle there.

      • Haha I see that. Lol. Sounds like an awesome job. And here I am worrying about getting a job to just get me through my last year of highschool. Well, to have fun during my last year. Lol. But your job sounds awesome.

      • Senior year, wha wha WHAT?! Awesome, congrats. Well, if you ever have questions about the film industry, shoot. I could maybe aim ya in the right direction anyhow. There’s no secret to breaking in, and there are lots of different departments to try out (art, hair, make-up, production PA, set PA, ect. Or you could be a grip – they’re the folks that lift all the heavy objects and lighting equipment.)

      • Haha yeah, I’m not grip material. I can barely lift myself off of my bed at times. Lol. Thank you though! For all the information. I’m not exactly sure what I’m gonna do with my life after highschool but thank you!

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